Electronics Engineering


This department established in 1988, the department of Electronics Engineering has become a leading institution in its field. Its primary objective is to produce exceptional diploma holders for the electronics and communication industry. Initially, the program was started with 30 students in the diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering, but due to increased demand, the intake was raised to 60 from the academic session 1997-98. The department is proud of its unique combination of courses and projects that enable students to stay current with the latest developments in the electronics industry. Its exceptional infrastructure facilities, including various computing platforms, are dedicated to meeting the continually evolving requirements of the electronics industry. Overall, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has made a considerable impact on the electronics industry, and its pass outs are in high demand by employers globally. Students of this department achieved state Board merits every year. The alumni of this departments is working renowned places such as BSNL, CEERI (CSIR), railway department, Metro, etc.


To achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching and learning practices. To enhance employability and entrepreneurship skills that can give employment to others in the area of Electronics Engineering to fulfill “India Atmanirbhar Bhart Mission.”


  1. Our mission is to develop well rounded confident and responsible individuals, who aspire to achieve their full potential and enhance the technical knowledge to meet
    the global standards.
  2. To develop the students with skills for solving complex technological problems through innovative ideas and practical training.
  3. To collaborate with quality industries for training and placements.
  4. To provide quality technical education with our teaching staff along with adequate infrastructure.